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              Love chocolate? Love your dog? Love dancing? Love Cheese? Love anything/anyone...come  and to our Social dance on Saturday 30th September 2023 at St Joseph’s Church, Epsom

Our Saturday dances have been well attended so a big thank you to all of you for supporting us, many on a regular basis. Our upcoming dance on Saturday 30th September will be the first of the autumn.  Look out for leaflets with all our dates in 2024 as well.

Dates for our Social Dances in 2023 can be found on the events page. Don’t forget to book in advance and reserve a table if you wish.  We look forward to welcoming you to St Joseph's soon.




 Life is better when you dance! 

We are Jill and Colin; professional dance teachers, Ballroom and Latin enthusiasts and creators of Could I Have This Dance.

For us, dancing is all about having fun! That’s why we offer IDTA qualified Ballroom and Latin dance teaching in an environment that is relaxed, friendly and welcoming to all. Based in Epsom and Ewell, Surrey, our classes and social dances are a chance to improve your skills, meet new people and (most importantly of all) enjoy yourself! 

Whether you are 18 or 80, an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, we have a class for you. Proven to reduce stress, improve posture, build confidence and even enhance your memory, Ballroom and Latin dancing is the perfect activity to benefit your mind, body and spirit — whatever your age or ability. 

New to Could I Have This Dance? Come along and try out a class with us for free — We would love to see you. 


“In a few years I have gone from a non-dancer to a man with a right foot as well as a left foot! […] Everyone is encouraging and it doesn't matter if it takes what seems forever to achieve new steps — patience is endless — a real place of support and delight.”

 Tim,West Ewell  

What do we offer?

Professional Lessons for All Levels (18 years +)

Our current Wednesday lessons. 

Open to individuals and couples, our classes cover all the classic Ballroom and Latin dances, from the energetic quickstep to the elegant waltz. Our classes are open to all ages and abilities, so why not give it a try.

New Mixed ability Class — 19.30-20.45 on Wednesdays @ Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road Epsom, £7.00pp.

This class is for people who have never danced before or those returning from a 'break' in their dancing life. 

Intermediate Class — 20.30-21.45 on Wednesdays @ Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road Epsom, £7.00pp

Our intermediate classes are designed for proficient dancers ready to take on more complex steps. If you think it is time to take your training up to this level, please get in touch.

For both classes we will rotate in the teaching session with those who wish to. In the practice session it will be up to the individual to decide themselves if they wish to dance with others who are willing. Going forward we aim to return to full class rotation. Wearing of masks throughout all/part/none of the session is fine. We will be available during the practice session at the end of each class to help anyone with their steps as required. Students will be able to rotate in the practice session.

As you know, Epsom Methodist Church have asked that for the time being, we wear masks as we enter and move about the building, but not the during the sessions. They have also asked that we continue to sanitise main touchpoint surfaces for the time being, which, of course, we will do. This is all in line with Government requirement to continue to be cautious as we move out of restrictions.

Social Dances - at St Joseph’s church Epsom

Keen to put those dancing shoes on and get back on the floor?  Why not try our Latin and Ballroom social dances?

Held on 20 Saturdays a year, these events are the perfect chance to meet new faces and exercise your dance skills in a social setting. Whether you are an individual, a couple or a group of friends looking for a fun new way to socialise, come along and give it a go!  

  • Saturday evening 8.00 – 10.30pm
  • Venue: St Joseph's Church, St Margarets Drive, Epsom, KT18 7JQ
  • Large wooden dance floor; reserve your table; free tea/coffee/biscuits; bring your own drinks & nibbles; free parking.
  • Cost £7.50p per person bookable and payable in advance by BACS, (contact us to book /for bank details) or £9pp on the door.
  • Saturdays: 30th September, 14th & 28th October, 11th November and 9th December.  We also have a "Twixmas" dance on Thursday 28th December.

Medal Test Training

Medal tests are a great way to focus your training, measure progress and consolidate your dance skills. We regularly train and enter our students for Bronze, Silver and Gold upwards with the IDTA.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are perfect for bride/groom first dances, new dancers, detailed medal test training or students who are more comfortable in a one-to-one setting. Open to couples or individuals, we aim to make our private lessons relaxed, friendly and fun. 

“Jill & Colin did a truly amazing job at choreographing my father of the bride dance with me and my father. They were extremely patient and tailored it to suit our strengths and abilities. It was so helpful to be able to watch a couple perform the dance and also dance with a professional of the opposite sex to get a feel for how it should flow, whilst also seeing how the dancer of the same sex performed with the other partner. This is in addition to being able to practice ourselves under their watchful gaze of course. They are lovely people and we felt very comfortable practicing in a home environment. What’s better is the dance itself went really well on the day and everyone was really impressed. So happy, as my dad really hates dancing and struggles with taking instruction, but by the end was having as much fun as I was. Would use again and would thoroughly recommend.”


Charlotte dancing with her father Barry

   Why Dance With Us? 

We believe dancing should be sociable.

At Could I Have This Dance, we do more than just drill our students for medal tests. Unlike many dance schools, we also teach students how to apply their skills at social dances. Our approach has many benefits; our students learn to lead and follow into new steps, adapt quickly to different floor spaces and, most of all, step out of the classroom and start enjoying their talents socially.

We offer IDTA qualified teaching.

Colin is IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) qualified, with an Associate qualification in Ballroom and Latin American. The IDTA is a globally recognised organisation providing the highest standards of dance teacher training. In short — you’re in good hands!

We teach as a couple.

As a male/female teaching team, our classes offer a rare chance for both men and women to learn with a professional teacher of the opposite sex. The result? Our students learn how to lead and follow much more quickly and effectively.

“As a pair, Colin and Jill can demonstrate a figure accurately and more clearly than a single teacher, sequentially in each gender, as in some classes.” 

Clive, West Ewell

We want you to have fun!

Perfecting your dance technique is important, but what matters most to us is that you have a good time doing so! Our teaching style is patient, friendly and hands-on; we welcome questions, are happy to troubleshoot problems and make sure no one is left behind. 

This relaxed atmosphere means our students not only pick up dances more quickly, but learn to love their craft. After all, it’s true what they say: “Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow!”

“Learning should be fun and it is with Colin and Jill!”

 Phil & Jan



Kind words...

"We had a series of lessons with Jill and Colin last summer.  We are not experienced dancers and perhaps should have chosen an easier dance to learn than the slow foxtrot.   However, thanks to their patience, good-humour and teaching skill, we came away able to do the dance reasonably well and with confidence.   We enjoyed every minute of the lessons.  Jill and Colin made it all so much fun and left us wanting to continue learning from them soon."

Ken and Deanne, Dorking

"I started ball room dancing about 3 years ago, and feel very blessed that I started this venture under the tuition of Jill and Colin as the classes have always been professional, fun and engaging, together with and excellent combination of music.

Initially I started with private lessons which focuses on individual abilities.  These classes provided me with a step by step introduction to the ballroom techniques, posture, balance, poise and the required movements for the Waltz, Quick Step, Cha-cha, Rumba, Jive, Foxtrot and Tango.  

I then started to attend their group sessions in the church hall in Epsom. Over a series of weeks they concentrated on 2 dances for a 3-4 week period then moved on to a further 2 dances.  With their expert tuition and the added experience of dancing with other fellow members they provided the perfect balance of pace for each dance routine, never at any point moving ahead to the next stage until everyone was up to speed. 

They are very impressive teachers, and I would highly recommend them.  Not only does the classes have just the right level of formality but they put everyone’s mind at ease and keeps us focused at the same time."

 Tonia, Cheam

“Thank you for all your help (and patience!) in putting together our wedding dance. We absolutely love it and hope we do it justice on the day."

Abby & David, West Ewell

“Thanks to their patience, good-humour and teaching skill, we came away able to do the dance reasonably well and with confidence.   We enjoyed every minute of the lessons.  Jill and Colin made it all so much fun and left us wanting to continue learning from them soon.”

Ken & Deanne, Dorking

"Our joint private lessons with Colin and Jill provide a flexible and “student led” approach which works well for us. We have progressed well with lots of laughs and attention to details that we find difficult and we find the presence of two teachers particularly helpful. Videoing our moves and providing professional videos helps with our practice. Learning should be fun and it is with Colin and Jill."

Phil & Jan, Cheam

“I am well hooked now on ballroom dancing after being a regular at Jill’s and Colin’s dance classes over several years. This well taught class has given me a wide repertoire of moves, with which, as a single man, I can impress the ladies. 

As a pair, Colin and Jill can demonstrate a figure accurately and more clearly than a single teacher, sequentially in each gender, as in some classes. Correct body position, footwork, and timing, is alluded to throughout, and class programme notes are provided in advance.

A policy of encouraging dancers to circulate, if comfortable, considers those without partners, and makes for a friendly atmosphere. 

Additional workshops provide more time for enlarging on the finer points, and for those who want it hammered home. Socials on several Saturday evenings allow a practise with those that you know, which makes for more confidence in the beginning.

Give it a go men!”

Clive, West Ewell

"In a few years I have gone from a non-dancer to a man with a right foot as well as a left foot!  Still a long way to go before I can call myself a dancer but my wife likes the improvement!!  We've never left a class without feeling better than when we arrive and have made great friends with the many others who have been coming regularly too.  Colin and Jill know exactly how to lead us forward and as we would want - our learning never stands still.  Everyone is encouraging and it doesn't matter if it takes what seems forever to achieve new steps - patience is endless - a real place of support and delight."

 Tim, West Ewell  

“We got in touch with Jill and Colin to get private lessons for our wedding last year.  We had a specific choreography in mind which involved a slow waltz and bits from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Jill and Colin were not the least discouraged by this original request and had already a choreography in mind for our first lesson.  We took a lesson a week for about six months and enjoyed going there tremendously.  Jill and Colin are passionate, highly talented and watching them dance/demonstrate is quite a treat.  They are also very patient and make the lessons very fun. I cannot recommend them enough."

Cecile and Geoff, Hackbridge

 "My wife and I have known Colin and Jill for some years, attending their dance lessons and socials at various locations. They have proved to be very patient and knowledgeable with attention to detail, making the classes very enjoyable and beneficial.

Colin & Jill are passionate about dancing and wish to share the enjoyment that they get from this very therapeutic and satisfying activity. 

We recommend beginner, improver and intermediate dancers to come join us."

Rosalind and Mark

"I have been socially ballroom dancing for about six years. and have been to a small selection of group ballroom classes over that period. The earlier classes I went to had only a lady coach, which sounds fine, but, being a single male dancer, I found that with the balance of numbers in the class being more with females rather than male, the coaching was geared more to the ladies following rather than the male leading.

With 'Could I have this Dance' the emphasis is totally different as there are two coaches who work as a team. From a male lead point of view, Colin is brilliant as one can easily relate to his coaching. Coupled with the practical coaching that Jill gives me whilst dancing the routines they make an excellent team, and certainly allow people to feel more confident in their dancing.

Before any work commences on a new routine they always demonstrate and break down the routine with emphasis on the posture and positioning of each.

The classes are very sociable, humorous and enjoyable, as everyone has the choice to either dance as a couple or change partners during the lesson."



I just wanted to thank you both for your excellent teaching and support, helping myself and Charlotte prepare for our ‘Fathers Wedding Dance’ at Hampton Court Palace

We both appreciated the key tips and advice when preparing and practicing our routine and we had positive feedback from our wedding guests, who were all suitably impressed

Once again, many thanks for your help and good luck with your dancing school and we will obviously recommend you to anyone we know needing dance lessons

      Barry Nash

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Call Colin: 07979 802 521 or Jill: 07941 457 959

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